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Are you a parent looking to help your child’s confidence, motivation and direction – whether in education or beyond.   Or a young adult not sure of what/where next?

We work with teenagers and young adults – whether struggling with general direction in life, seeking specific advice and guidance on what to do next; deciding whether to go to university or not, which job and career path is most suited and how to get there. Youngbow uses proven psychological and practical methodologies, to help turn confusion to clarity and give you the confidence to succeed.

Call us now to get the support and help you need to develop the critical knowledge and skills so often left out of formal education – confidence, self-awareness, resilience, critical thinking and communication, writing the best CV, interview skills and networking.  We can also help with more specific training including preparation for a Commission in the Armed Forces and other activities and challenges.

Call us now on 0203 853 0238 or email: kmartin@longbowfuture.com

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Click on the image below to read a recent article from YOU magazine about one of our founders, Kedge Martin.