Ready to Launch Workshop

//Ready to Launch Workshop

Ready to Launch Workshop

Get all the tools you need to help you secure the job you want

Who is it for?   All young adults wondering how they can best secure their first job – whether just leaving school or graduating from university.

When is it?   TBC

Where is it?   Central London TBC



We help young adults, 18 – 26, those who haven’t been,  those in their last year at university or have just left, looking to land their first job or looking to move on from their first job.    Few decisions matter more than choosing how to earn a good living – that means a career that not only gives you the lifestyle you want but personal fulfilment.

You may have good grades at A’level, a decent degree from a good university and a reasonable amount of work experience, but as you look around you, so has everyone else.  So how are you going to stand out in a crowded graduates’ job market when everyone is wearing the same camouflage? You may not have done as well as you were hoping but are skilful and talented, keen and enthusiastic to work. How can you make that clear to employers? You may be someone who has no idea what to do, what you are good at or how to use your talents in the job market.

Participants will

  • receive a Personal Psychometric Profile Assessment to help you gain clarity on your motivations, strengths and skills.
  • create their strongest CV, LinkedIn profile, draft covering letters – so they’re ready to launch
  • understand how interviews and assessment days work and practice with professional interviewers
  • know how to network and create opportunities.


“I can’t stress enough the difference it made for me.”


Price:     £575 plus VAT

Add one follow up personal coaching session inc telephone and email support £275 plus VAT.  Total £850 plus VAT


“I went into this process not really knowing what to expect and came out the process feeling far more confident and well prepared.”


For more information call 020 3 1300 295 or email