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As a parent, do you sometimes wish you could understand your teenagers better?  Naella Grew and Janey Downshire, both qualified counsellors in teenage development,  offer inspiring, informative and imaginatively delivered courses for parents to help you understand

  • What is normal teen behaviour and how to recognize and act on the more worrying signals
  • The underlying emotional state that drives teen behaviour
  • How to have those difficult conversations
  • Ways to create the right kind of home life
  • Maintaining influence and respect

“This is the sort of course that all parents should do. To have the goings on in a teenagers brain explained in such a clear, supportive and reassuring way was enlightening to say the least. In addition, to be given the tools to cope with the ups and downs of teenage life was invaluable.  Thank you for providing me with the means to have a great relationship with my children as they go through this particularly challenging time in their lives.”

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