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We offer a wide choice of personal psychometric assessments delivered by our fully trained and accredited team.  These next generation of assessment tools help increase self-awareness, self-understanding and identify strengths and weaknesses critical for personal growth and development.

MBTI  is probably the best known and most trusted personality assessment.  The MBTI profile reveals how we see and interact with the world, and is particularly useful in understanding our way of behaving and the behaviour of others.

PRO D   The PRO D combines the usual personality/ability profiles (MBTI, Insights, SDI) but goes deeper and beyond to cover in more depth

  • Personality: personality type,  behaviours, expressions – The WHO
  • Motivation: passions, interests, values, what energises you – the Why
  • Abilities: what you have to work with (your strengths and skills, abilities which help you carry out your mission – competencies) as well as how you behave.  Natural rather than learned skills  – the WHAT

A really helpful tool to build self-awareness and clarify core talent which can help give direction for career paths and fulfilment.


LUMINA Spark is a colourful and personalised framework which helps explore your unique personality and increases self-awareness to enable you to better adapt your behaviours to improve personal and professional relationships and team work

Each assessment comes with a face to face feedback session.


For more information, please email: or telephone + 44 (0) 203 853 0238